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Oct 27, 2012 11:30pm EDT
watching espn on abc. espn is the home of the discover bcs national championship game in miami on the night of january 7. now, folks we'll take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up with robert flores. a lot of things happened today. take it way, my friend. >> all right. thanks. welcome inside our college football studios. there will be some debate over number two in the nation there is no debate on who number one us is, alabama flexing their muscles against mississippi state. a game that is played right now on espn. late first quarter, a.j. mccarron up top to kenny bell. 57-yard score. 18 touchdowns, no interceptions on the season. 31-0, in the fourth right now on espn. georgia and florida in jacksonville, fourth quarter. bulldogs clinging to a one-point lead. to mitchell. georgia goes on to win 17-9. gators season-high six turnovers. big 12 now. kansas state, continues to roll. collin klein, four more touchdowns, two on the ground, two three the air against texas tech. wildcats win 55-24. they hang 426 total yards on texas tech. they scored at least 50 points in back-to-back league
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
all robert griffin. he is all over the national news. espn andve minutes on seem to getan't him. of i've done everything i can to team and i continue to do that. y week, i'm going to put it line and they have responded to that. it takes everyone, not just one guy. be the guy too telling because they're me that. r me, it's just about doing all along. for baseball fans, the giants came back to win the pennant down three games to in the national league championship series. they outscored the cardinals' move on to the world series. it's not even there. he breaks the bat but powers in to get it into center field. suppose he turned that on and the air andage of the board. one on they'd want to eliminate the 9-0. als, we were written off many but these guys were in getting it done found a way. the giants and tigers starts tomorrow night. take you to the massachusetts were the minutemen have struggled. when the police walked into this everyone was shocked, thinking here we go again. look at the head coach. they opened up a warrant, moved ford and did know what to expect. they got their warr
Oct 6, 2012 11:30pm EDT
team. thanks for watching, espn on abc. es espn. for todd and holly, brad nessler saying so long from columbus. the ford wrapup show with roberts is coming up next. >>> thank. welcome inside our college football studios. i'm robert flores. by all accounts raleigh, north carolina is a pleasant place to visit though florida state cannot stand going there. they've now lost five times there, including tonight. check out what happens. fourth quarter, nc state down six. they complete a fourth down. third and goal. glennen under pressure. how is this pass not intercepted? instead, it's incomplete. another fourth down chance for the wolf pack. this time, glennen converts. the point after is good and number three, florida state falls in raleigh, 17-16. >>> right now on espn, number two oregon handling number 23. oregon is pouring it on, 35-7 still in the first half. his team is up 14-0. uses the trick stick, all sorts of moves. 70-yard touchdown. south carolina has won a school record. they roll 35-7. florida beat lsu. those 146 yards, second most in his career. florida wins 14-6. west virgini
Oct 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
it. >> joe: another chance to check in with robert. >> all right, joe. right now on espn, ohio state/penn state. ohio state's ryan shazier, the pick six and it's 14-7 buckeyes but the nittany lions are inside the buckeye 15 third quarter on espn. >>> meantime, coming up on abc, number 5 notre dame and number 8 oklahoma in norman, 8:00 eastern on abc. the irish 7-0 for the first time since 2002. bcs implications abound. joe. >> joe: it's going to be interesting, robert, to see those bcs standings when they come out tomorrow night on espn at 8:30. for now we've got a lot of football still to be played in what has been a wild one. and that's b.j. denker who has his helmet on. moments ago we saw the training staff of arizona administering what appears to be the concussion test. you see them trying to move his eyes from side to side and evaluate where matt scott is. now arizona will get the ball with b.j. denker apparently coming out. the junior lefty. the new abc comedy friday premieres this week. comedy is back on friday nights with tim allen in the premiere of "last man standing" frida
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
clearer. highlights of last night's dramatic developments, now, from espn. >> randy scott with your "sportscenter" update. the best pennant race in baseball is one tied in the a.l. west. in oakland last night, where the a's came in, down just a game on the rangers in that division. in the fifth, derek norris, singling to right. josh donaldson in. brandon moss, in behind him. and it's 2-1, oakland. we go to the sixth. same score, two outs. jonny gomes, gone. hasn't had a hit in his last three games. a timely way to break that slump. 18 bombs on the season. top nine. it's grant balfour on to shut the door on nelson cruz. he does. and tied after 161 games in the west. >>> in the central, reds and red birds. pick things up in the sixth. jay bruce, back through the box. joey votto will would score. st. louis just needs a win to get the second wild card. in the eighth, allen craig, that's not going to do it. 4-6-3 double-play to end it. and the reds, proven to be spoilers. 3-1, over st. louis. >>> it's up to the dodgers. they have to win. if they lose, st. louis is in. sergio romo gets th
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
. highlights from espn nuss. >> randy scott here with your "sportscenter" update. in the nfl, baseball pennant races are great. the ryder cup. rory mcelroy, 11:14 central time. he got the time zones missed up so no time to practice on the putting green. guess what. he wouldn't need it. on 6, chipping in, yes, keep the putter in the bag. mcelroy takes care of keegan bradley. and going head to head with mickelson. with authority, are you not entertained. he finished 30-30 to take on mickelson. and kaymer completes the comeback, there you go, that's history. tiger woods despondent, the europeans celebrating a comeback of ages. this one emotional for jose maria since ballesteros passed away. >>> in atlanta, taking on matt ryan and the falcons. and the panthers are up 1. under a minute to play, ryan from his own end zone to roddy white. those two connected 869 yards in two touchdowns. that one not a touchdown but it's big. ten seconds left. matt bryant from 40 yards out. everybody is home safe. the falcons improve to 4-0, 30-28. of course, nfl week four not done. "monday night football" on
Oct 20, 2012 11:30pm EDT
take on the sooners at 8:00 p.m. eastern. thank for watching espn saturday night football on abc. espn is the home of the discover bcs national championship game which will be played right here at sun life stadium on monday night, january 7. now we'll take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up, here is robert flores. robert? >> thanks. welcome inside the college football studios, this is the ford wrap-up, great matchups all over the country next weekend, not the least of which is number one alabama against number 12 mississippi state. a battle unbeatens. bulldogs going outside of conference play. they beat middle tennessee. alabama, crushed tennessee, 44-13 tonight. first quarter, a.j. mccarron up top to amari cooper. mccarron came in with a bum knee, career-high 306 yards, four touchdowns, half of them to cooper. enjoyed his first 100-yard receiving game and number one goes into knoxville and wins convincingly. number two florida, 44-11 against number seven south carolina. jeff driskel, career-high four passing touchdowns and gators win despite 183 total yards. up next for them, geor
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
friends at espn news. >> randy scott here with your "sportscenter" update. we're starting with preseason nba action. lebron james, the miami heat, taking on last year's worst team in the league, the charlotte bobcats. kemba walker, that's so outrageous, the turnover. lebron, to terrell harris, finishing off the alley-oop. eight assists for lebron. we're spot-shadowing lbj. this is what happens when you lose track of him. lebron had ten points. and a gentle coach k. hug. >>> let's go to chicago. no kevin durant. no russell westbrook for oklahoma city. there's no derrick rose. luol deng with the steal early. this is a blind over the deal. mvp, heinrich, a nice, little layup. and james harden, to fill in for the shooter there. no westbrook and no durant. not for a lack of shooting for harden. it doesn't go. the layup, on the trim. and finally, a pump fake, no good. 2 for 17. second half, nate robinson, he's a baller. finds carlos boozer. double-double for boozer. bulls get the win. >>> world series game one tonight in san francisco. espn radio has it at 8:00 eastern. i'm randy sco
Oct 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
on espn 's morning radio show. >> mitt romney's son tagg has apologized to the president after saying he wanted to take a swing at him. during the final debate, his son walked onstage, shook hands, and talked with the president. >> business news -- it could be a good date for facebook shareholders. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg in new york now. >> good morning. let's talk about yesterday. a suit plunge for the stocks. the dow dropped more than 200 points. little changed futures -- the fed will wrap up another meeting on interest rates. facebook shares will pop in today's trading. the website is -- they say ads generated $150 million for the quarter in -- company in the third quarter. tuition at public universities continues to soar. reports from the college board say they are up nearly 5% this year, the smallest increase in 12 years, but still outpacing the rate of inflation. graduates working full time face lower pay than male co-workers. the association of university said that women one year after receiving their diplomas and earned 80 cents for every dollar men earn. the ne
Oct 14, 2012 5:30am EDT
from the "washington post," and espn 980 respectively. the big story has been the rookie quarterback robert griffin iii. he has practiced and he will play barring a last-minute setback. here's the deal. the redskins have paired down the playbook. they don't call these design runs anymore. this was supposed to be a pass. he should have run out of bounds. he should have thrown the ball away. what do you do if you're' coaching staff. you can only do so much, right? you can't strip him of his ability to run which is what makes him so dangerous. >> he slipped. i mean, he slipped and i'm sure that he will -- someone made the analogy, i'm sure weiss will take the credit for it, putting your hand on a hot oven. all you need to do it was once. >> that was me. >> it wasn't him but -- so i think he'll learn from that. he'll still going to be competitive. that can happen any play. >> i think my colleague jason reed said it the best in his column after that game, which was essentially this guy has got to protect himself. at some point he can't rely on mike shanahan to not call triple option plays
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
illustrated. san francisco giants, the magic is back. to finish up, i am stealing this from a guy on espn, he said detroit offered such little opposition the giants are not going to get their just due -- >> i don't think -- because of how they wound up -- coming through the post season -- >> and the tigers swept the yankees. >> may i explain? [ laughter ] >> if they play 6-7 times, like when the giants beat st. louis, here it was boom, boom, boom out. >> detroit swept ethe yankees. >> let -- swept the yankees. >> let me explain. lowest television ratings in the history of the world series. not because the giantsb are not -- giants are not good -- [ talking at the same time ] >> if you are up -- say gary was being negative -- no, just saying. the point is that they are a t team. but if you played a few more games that would be greater. >> you are right. >> i am not right. >> good night.
Oct 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
giants. am done watching it, espn or onis on else's phone. moving on to the next game. that will live long in history. sure, 20 years from now, probably be talking about. abouts the great thing to play at the highest level. somewhats become --ignificant compared forget itll never somewhate compared to rg3. >> those redskins. [laughter] he was like, i was there. like, that was a good one. i had not seen that run in a long time. >> [laughter] the ravens made a surprising move. a designated to return tag. the ravens are hoping their live endr comes back before the of the season. triceps were prepared with surgery. monthsally takes three to heal completely. nike severed its ties with lance armstrong. strong foundation and ways,ong have now parted as well. nike says there was evidence hele in doping and than anike for more decade. let's go to baseball. the yankees. tonight's's game was postponed rain. the yankee lived. will be tomorrow afternoon. cardinals and giants, bottom of the third. fly, they become a fly. -- baby, fly. 2-1. the nba is making an effort to speed up its games. the intr
Oct 20, 2012 6:30pm EDT
dukakis. it's starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on espn. >> well the issue of an internet sales tax has reared up again and in fact the u.s. congress and many states are looking at this issue and that's our topic this week on "the communicators." we want to start off by talking with the chairman of the california state board of equal ligse jerome horton. mr. horton, california has recently changed how it managed or its taxation policies when it comes to the internet, hasn't it? >> yes, peter, it has. it broadened the definition of what is taxable in california to include online retailers who meet certain criteria. >> now, said you broadened. how was it before and now who is included? >> prior to the law, the sales tax didn't apply to companies that had affiliates and worked through various different groups here in the state of california. the law broadened the definition of who actually qualities to include those individuals. so now online retailers who have affiliates in the state of california, who also have some form of brick and mortar either directly or indirectly working throu
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
personality. beano cook worked as a commentator on espn broadcasts since 1986. always a passionate pundit. he supported the college game instead of the pros. and his last blog post said health issues hit him at the wrong time, the start of the college football season. beano cook died in his sleep yesterday. he was 81. >>> and with that, some of last night's highlights, now, from both baseball and football. we get those from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. justin verlander and the tigers trying to close out the a's in game five. he would be dealing against coco crisp, not so much. how about stephen drew? strikes out swinging. bottom second, now. josh reddick, didn't even see it. now, remember, verlander had 11 strikeouts in game 1. top third now. austin jackson, a deep ball to center. omar infante would come around to score. jackson had two rbis in this game. his second career multi-rbi postseason game. top seven. tigers now up 4-0. prince fielder at the dish. gets an rbi single that scores jackson. tigers up 5-0. as the a's are 11-54 this season wh
Oct 26, 2012 12:35am PDT
tv?" i say, "do you want 'dinosaur train'?" he goes, "no, espn highlights." >> jimmy: oh, really? he loves highlights. you're like, "that's it. we're getting ballerina slippers. we're getting -- we're getting you enrolled in ballet." >> i feel like -- i don't know. something happened along the way, and i missed my -- i got lost. >> jimmy: no. this is all that happens. this is supposed to happen. it's all good. >> well, i have -- i have to get my football on. i have to figure out that stuff. >> jimmy: you do. well, your -- your husband's -- he's a lawyer as well, right? >> my husband's a lawyer. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yes. >> jimmy: and you play a lawyer in "the good wife." >> i do. >> jimmy: does he give you tips? does he tell you what's going on? >> he does sometimes when i have no idea what i'm reading. i'll be learning my script. and i'll be, "i have no idea what that means." and he'll explain it to me in layman's terms. >> jimmy: you've been in two really tricky shows, "e.r." -- >> yes. >> jimmy: -- where you're like, "i need a -- stat." >> yes. >> jimmy: i flubbed the monologue. i c
Oct 15, 2012 2:30am EDT
jason page, espn radio-new york. jason, i have no idea what is going on in the nfl? we do know one thing, victor cruz says, the giants are here to stay after the smackdown on the niners in san francisco. >> they're here to say. if somebody could have told you after the first six games the schedule they have on tap this year, giants would be 4-2, antrel rolle called it most complete performance of the season. intercept alex smith three times in this game. quarterback grading, everybody talks about quarterback grading? what's the overrated stat in football. alex smith highest qb rating today, threw three interceptions. didn't look like the quarterback everybody portrayed him to be this year. big lo for the 49ers. both teams 4-2. ahmad bradshaw, over 100 yard. first time to do that in san francisco since 2009. you don't run the football against the 49ers. giants did it today. >> they definitely -- they crushed them. this is the great nfc championship rematch from last season. so here we are. week six. talking about a 3-3 patriots team. they had a nice solid, seemed like a formidable l
Oct 20, 2012 5:15pm EDT
espn, espn radio, and online at >> in his weekly address, president obama called on republicans in the house of representatives to cooperate in passing a bill to help homeowners. congressman jeff flake from arizona gave the republican response. he criticized the obama administration for the current budget deficit. this, he claims, has affected home values, the unemployment rate and the economy. >> hi, everybody. in recent weeks you might have noticed something or maybe even heard the sound of it if you look close enough. new homes are going up. in fact, construction workers are breaking ground on new homes in america at the fastest pace in more than four years. at the same time more homes are being sold. home values are back on the rise and foreclosure filings are at their lowest point in the five years since the housing bubble burst and left millions of responsible families holding the bag. now, we're not where we need to be yet. too many homes are still underwater. too many families are still having a hard time making the mortgage on their piece of the american dre
Oct 10, 2012 9:00pm PDT
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Oct 25, 2012 10:00pm PDT
coaches because in one segment i saw an espn, they were teaching kids to lead with their head. >> that's terrible. >> the technique is part of it and the coaches are a big part, as well. >> there's more on this. here's a doctor explaining his case. >> this is a dangerous game for children to be playing a game that uses the head as a battering ram is not a smart game to allow a youngster to play. >> all right. let me skip ahead to rush limbaugh. >> butler has his critics including the school board chairman local paper and rush limbaugh describes critics of football. >> panty waists who want to try to take the risk out of everything in life. >> so, j.r., are you going to be a panty waist or are you going to agree with rush limbaugh. >> this is the way it works. everyone has seen that commercial where the nfl teaches them the correct way to tackle. the culture exchange with the way it happens, of course injuries are still going to happen. if you see your kid's leg go backward, you might freak out anyway. there's always those risks. maybe if you change the resulture of it and not
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
night as the saints finally won. we get the highlights from espn news. >> good morning, i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. yanks and orioles had to wait extra to start that. and this was tied in the ninth, bedard to johnson. johnson gave up three home runs in the entire season. that opened the floodgates for this one. robinson cano adding two runs to it. the yankees in the ninth inning, 7-2, take a 1-0 series lead. >>> drew brees looking to make a little bit of history and get its team the first win of the season. saints down. brees to henderson. a touchdown pass in 48 straight games. sean payton, the coach there to watch history. saints down 14. brees connects with colston. 16-yard touchdown. a three-point game. fourth quarter, first and goal. brees. 141 yards, three touchdowns. the most touchdown passes in saints history, brees, four tds, first one of the win to avoid that 0-5. and that is a look at some of your sports. i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. hope you have a great day. >> thanks, jade. >>> up next, the guy they call fearless felix. he
Oct 1, 2012 2:05am EDT
kidding. what's coming up -- a week of nfl action on the books. >> going to sit down with espn radio new york's jason page to run through highlights. low lights and white castleburgers. >> nice. >> uh-huh. all coming up. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol power and free. hange the way we. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. >>> welcome back, everybody. yet another outstanding sunday in the nfl. plenty of drama and some fantastic endings. here once again to talk about it all, jason page of espn radio, new york. >> can we just skip? >> white castle. >> the first week i just wanted to eat. >> we have devoured six of these between the two of us. class, class, class, white castle for you today. couple
Oct 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
unheard of. freshman lon -- linebacker shawn petty. the bears host delaware state on espn news. it is good to have such options. 41 yards, a 73 yard drive, 7-0 morgan state. the bears bouncing right back. takes the kickoff 100 yards for the touchdown. morgan state with a 14-7 lead. finished the homecoming game with 397 yards. but show walter fresh off his manager of the year ward has plenty of time to enjoy it now. he does not care much for attention and he is recovering from knee surgery and a little grumpy. talked about the fund-raising 5k for kids. it has not come as a surprise for her. >> many people would set cannot believe baltimore. not so much about baltimore, but the american league east. challenges are good, plus it was the perfect fit for us. >> world series game to now. will the tigers restore the oak roar? on the second, the tigers get aggressive. down the line to the left, not what one would call a sleek and agile. a perfect replay, nose broke -- nose or at the bottom of the second. fortunately just a glancing blow. no score, bottom seven, bases loaded. rounds into a dou
Oct 23, 2012 4:00am EDT
. highlights, now, from espn news. >> good morning. i'm todd grisham. this is your "sportscenter" update. president obama and mitt romney weren't the only two big hitters squaring off against each other. how about the giants and the cardinals? game seven of the nlcs. this one was for all the marbles. and the third inning was the cardinals' albatross. they wish they could go back and do it all again. a bases-clearing double with an error, gives the giants a 5-0 lead. bases loaded again, still no outs. brandon crawford, grounds into a fielder's choice. it's 6-0. bottom of the eighth. it's gone from bad to worse. brandon belt, giants up 9-0. the rain would come down. and the game would end on this pitch, as matt holliday flies out to marco scutaro. he was the mvp of the series. the giants win it 9-0. they will face the tigers in the world series beginning wednesday night. >>> how about some "monday night football"? nfc north battle. the only thing that was missing was the frozen tundra. the bears pretty good this year. only one loss. they scored first. brandon marshall with a touchdown rece
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
said they hadn't adequately warned them. espn science sid -- said big blows like this one could be like taking a slj hammer to the head. >> it's not a smart game. >> reporter: butler definitely has his critics. >> want to try to take the risk out of everything in life. >> reporter: from renowned talk show host to members of the dover community. >> are they gongs to wrap us all in bubble wrap? >> you can ride a bicycle and get hurt the same way. >> reporter: studies show that kids who play high school football, even pee wee league football are expotion themselves to the dangers of head trauma. >> so, what do you think? should football be banned? is it too dangerous? should you let your kids play. log on and join in on the conversation. >>> all right. time to get into it and talk about sandy as we go from sunday into tuesday. we still have plenty of time to prepare for the storm. sandy is a power house, category two hurricane, churning out here north of cuba right over the bahamas, a well defined center of circulation and tremendous amount of moisture. winds gusting closer to 125 mil
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
below. >>> time for sports and our friends over at espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm hooray andres. homer bailey and the reds, trying to sweep the giants. bailey was dealing. six strikeouts. getting blanco. then crawford, then belt again. bailey went seven innings, setting a red's single-game record. top ten. can't handle it. buster posey come on down. giants take a 2-1 lead. the last chance for the reds. grounder. sergio romo makes the throw out. giants win 2-1. game four wednesday. >>> alds game three. tigers looking to sweep the a's. pick it up top two. tigers down 1-2. prince fielder, at the plate. say it ain't so. it ain't so. coco crisp, robbing fielder. he grabbed that one. third to rob prince this year. bottom five, his first career postseason dinger. oakland, up 2-0. top six now. brett anderson facing miguel cabrera. six innings of work, two hits, not a single earned run and six strikeouts. top nine, now. fielder, 0 for 4 on the day. grounds into the 6-3 double-play to end the game. a's win 2-0. game four on wednesday. >>> that's your "sportscenter" upda
Oct 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
sports. plenty of action to show you from the road to the world series. jade mccarthy at espn. >> i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. let's pick things up with the nlcs. tim lincecum getting the ball for the giants. trying to even it at 2-2 games against the cards. cardinals up 2-1. matt holliday lines that into center. angel pagan can't make the catch. the throw is beat matt carpenter home. the cards up 3-1. bottom six. two runners on. jon jay, adding to the lead for the cards. that one's hammered to the wall in right. cardinals win 8-3. a 3-1 series lead. it comes down to barry zito friday night. >>> a-rod, a spectator with the season on the line. miguel cabrera, off of c.c. sabathia. the two-run shot puts the tigers up 2-0, in the fourth. jhonny peralta looking to add to it. he will. that one is gone. two homers in the game. tigers up 6-0. they had 16 hits. top of the ninth. yanks trailing 8-1. and jayson nix to prince fielder. tigers sweep the yanks in the first time in the postseason since 1980. >>> alex smith and the niners looking for the best in the nfc west. ni
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
face the tigers in the world series. we get details from espn news. >>> doug kezirian here with your "sportscenter" update. we start with game six. giants trying to avoid elimination against the cardinals. first inning, ryan vogelsong getting john jay swinging. and carlos beltran on three pitches. and looking, striking out the side. second inning, daniel descalso, up in six, out in the first two innings. curt tace of the strikeout. bottom of the second, ryan vogelsong helping out his own cause. giants go on top 2-0, chris carpenter trying to get out of a jam, two outs but marco scutaro has other ideas. a nine-game postseason hit streak. san francisco extends its lead to 4-0. next batter, the kung fu panda, carlos sandoval. the giants avoid elimination for the fifth straight time. forcing a game seven tonight. >>> speaking of the playoffs, wnba finals. timyka catchings, looking to close things outs. catchings. fever by five. third quarter, catchings to the rack, all scores to 25 points. five minutes left. drains the three. an eight-point lead. fever with their first ever wnba title. o
Oct 8, 2012 8:00am EDT
myself as a thoroughbred espn. tavis: you are brand unto yourself. of the new book is called the trouble at trial, a novel of power and beauty. i will see you again soon, i hope. stay strong. you can down of our application and i tunes, see you next time on pbs. thanks for watching and as always, keep the faith. ♪ >> for more information on today's show, visit tavis smiley at tavis: hi, i'm tavis smiley. join me next time for a conversation with columnist and author john walsh as we approach one month before election day. see you then. >> there is a saying that dr. king had said, there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only about halfway to completely eliminate hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> be more. pbs. pbs.
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am EDT
highlights on last night's drama from espn. >> good morning. i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. two division titles were clinched on monday. we begin in kansas city, where miguel cabrera is batting .352. the league-leading 44 home runs this season. tigers take a 2-0 lead. and cabrera, the all-triple category with two games to go. jose valverde in to close. he gets his third save of the season. it's a big one. tigers win 6-3, and clinch back-to-back central division titles. >>> the series in oakland. a's/rangers. bottom five. tied at 2-2. man on for coco crisp. here, he has a base out to left. and the athletics take a 3-2 lead. top nine, now. rangers down 4-3. tying run at the plate. grant belfour strikes out mike napoli. the a's clinch their playoff berth. their first playoff spot since 2006. they knock out the angels and rays out of contention. >>> a win against the phillies or a braves loss will give the nationals their first n.l. east championship. the pirates beat the braves, 2-1. so, the nats have clinched their first n.l. east division. the nats lost
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
world series is in full-swing. we get the latest highlights from espn news. >> good morning. i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. two teams with their season on the line wednesday night. one of them winning it in walkoff fashion. let's pick it up with jose valverde and the tigers, trying to close out the a's in game four of the alds. bottom nine. a's down by two. josh donaldson lines one off the wall. reddick makes his way to third. tying run now on second. next batter. seth smith lines this one to right center. reddick and donaldson score. it is a tie game. the a's, with a major league-leading 14 walkoff wins this season. and guess what? you can add another. coco crisp, coming through. smith comes around for the victory. the a's score three in the ninth. the magic continues. they force a game five, coming your way tonight. >>> how about the reds and the giants? mike leake on the mound. top of the second. tied at 1-1. gregor blanco, with the two-run shot, puts the giants on top. they're trying to stay alive. tim lincecum with the lead. 5-2, giants. he gets dioner navarro
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
espn says terrell su ggs is playing sunday. he returned yesterday after blowing up his achilles five months ago. what does he have to say about it? >> made a decision as a group whether it would be better for me to sit out or suit up. we will see. >> we will cement the ravens refuse to put a timetable on his return. as you know he is a movie producer and showed off his new poster. it says it's coming and it's mad. you will find it on twitter and facebook. >> that's a tease. >> a senior is our athlete of the week. >> he is teaching the right way. you will meet him next. . >>> 59 today. 6 -- average is 66. we forecast 70 so we have a two degree winner. you may need the umbrella overnight into tomorrow. if you want to seat rain -- see the rain check out the radar. it's available in the weather app in the i-phone store. check it out. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about
Oct 18, 2012 4:00am EDT
yesterday's highlights, now, from espn. >> good morning. i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. we begin in st. louis for game three of the national league championship series. bottom three. cards, 1-0. carpenter, four for four in his career against matt cain. make it five for five. his first for a postseason home run gives the cardinals a 2-1 lead. then, there was a 3:28 rain delay. pick it up in the ninth now. jason motte toe to close it out. his first save of his career. and the cardinals take a 2-1 series lead on the giants. >>> minnesota lynx hosting the indiana fever in game two of the wnba finals. shot is blocgot hit o wr she would getup. out ta nati the lynx go on ou "sportscenter" i'm hakem dermish. gat da >>> michael i the most decorated oly >> t honor com"men's who names phelp fit evcredits his workouts for his legendary physique. bruce lee is second on the list. arnold schwarzenegger is third. five hours a day? >> and a little hard partying after this hard workout. >> not sure what he was smoking there, right? maybe that's part of the workout. >>> up next, requested
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am EDT
the highlights from espn news. >> cassidy hubbarth here with your "sportscenter" update. bottom six, o's up 2-1. man on second. mark reynolds gets the same pitch. that will bring in matt wieters. and the orioles go up 3-1. tim johnson, struggled is sunday. would get alex rodriguez to strike out to end the game. and the orioles win it, 3-2. the series is now tied at 1-1 and will head to the bronx for game three. >>> "monday night football," jets taking on the undefeated texans. first quarter, no score. matt schaub, finds owen daniels wide-open for the 34-yard touchdown. that's daniels' third-straight game with a t.d. later in the first, mark sanchez, finds jeff cumberland in the end zone. and the jets tie the game at 7-7. second quarter, arian foster, had a huge game. he takes the handoff and walks it into the end zone. late fourth quarter, sanchez, intercepted. sanchez, with his 15th career game with two or more interceptions. and houston rolls on to win, 23-17, to remain unbeaten. >>> i'm cassidy hubbarth. that's your "sportscenter" update. have a great day. >>> up next, "the pulse
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
, some of last night's highlights, now, from baseball and football. we getet those from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. justin verlander and the tigers trying to close out the a's in game five. stephen drew, strikes out swinging. josh reddick, didn't even see it. verlander had 11 strikeouts in game 1. top third. austin jackson, a deep ball to center. omar infante would come around to score. jackson had two rbis in this game. his second career multi-rbi postseason game. fielder at the dish. gets an rbi single to score jackson. 5-0. as the a's are 11-54 this season after trailing after four innings. bottom nine. seth smith would ground out. verlander, with nine innings of work. ten strikeouts, not a single earned run. the tigers win 6-0 and win the series. >>> ben roethlisberger and the steelers looking for the first road win of the season. taking on the titans. first quarter, roethlisberger threw for 363 yards for the most passing yards in steeler history. this connection to mike wallace. steelers up 7. we're tied at 23-23 in the fourth. and t
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
regular season ended, now, from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. the new york yankees trying to win the american league east, taking on their biggest rivals, the boston red sox. curtis granderson, getting ready in this one. daisuke matsuzaka, right here in boston. granderson, going yard. his 42nd of the season. yankees, 3-1. bottom five, now. robinson cano, he had a game. his second home run of the contest. 33rd of the season. he was four for four. two dingers and six rbis. yankees -- the yankees win, 14-2. they are the a.l. east champs. >>> that's buck showalter, rounding out the season against the rays. bottom one, evan longoria, his 15th bomb of the year. this one off chris stillman. tampa bay up 1-0. bottom four, now. longoria again. on fire. 2-0, rays. bottom six, now. guess who? longoria. drills it again. he will be a hero. can't get to it. longoria, three home runs. rays with the win. >>> that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres, have a great day. >> we plan on it. >>> the long losing streak of teddy roosevelt is over. >> he was behind ge
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